We researched all of the current equipment available. Our criteria was simple. Performance for the price, high quality of workmanship, reliability, and most importantly, ease of use.

In the "real world" all the bells and whistles generally lend to confusion, more adjustments to second guess yourself on, and waste time. One manufacturer´s model that we investigated took the operator twenty minutes to go through a ritual to get it to find "a coin" in a coin shop. Another manufacturer´s units were just too heavy to tote around for an afternoon. Use common sense in your selection. If you never intend to water hunt, don’t invest in a water detector. If you are going water hunting, consider a “scoop” to haul up your target.

So we picked Tesoro and Fisher detectors as our metal detector manufacturers of choice. Their product lines fit our selection criteria. The criteria is simple, I only sold equipment that I didn't have to make excuses for. The Tesoro, and Fisher brands were warrantied for life (no small consideration), and are unbelievably easy to use. The Tesoro line which was the first in the industry to offer a lifetime warranty are the lightest detectors. The Fisher's are no longer warranteed for life (how does that work?), are the oldest name in Metal Detectors, have been purchased by Bounty Hunter (now Radio Shack). I still favor the Tesoro brand for their great warranty and support.

Additionally, Eureka! was an Authorized Fisher Service Center but I am not knowledgeable as to the service side of their support after the takeover. The other equipment we carried also was measured by our high quality standards. Nothing takes the fun out of a expedition like a digging trowel or sand scoop that breaks after you have driven to or planned that special hunt. You get what you pay for, but don´t overpay for it!

Don’t confuse “support” from a dealer by how many “trinkets” get tossed in with the deal. Find someone who has had a support issue with a prospective dealer, and see how it was handled before you buy. Use the web to search for “metal detector dealer issues”. 

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